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[eng] Dr. Rath’s Call to the people of Germany and Europe, Berlin 13-3-2012

Today I saw this video and that almost it made me think a lot. I did not know and had not heard before about Dr. Rath, and looking for more information, I have seen that there is much controversy about their techniques. I’m not a doctor and I don’t know how much credibility can be given, but I’ve seen on other occasions that there are witch hunts against many people who seem to want to bring new things contrary to the conventional and established.

Dr. Rath attacks, especially the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and these in turn attack him, questioning his methods and actions … and I tell to myself … Where is the difference?. Is the research and development of conventional medicine like creating something from nothing with a simple click of  fingers?, Would not have been tested, mistakes, failures and  lost lives trying to improve never methods and medicines?, all the medicines that are legal and use today, are 100% effective for everyone and without contraindications or continue to kill?, doctors who practice conventional medicine and conventional medicines prescribed, approved and legal, would not never wrong and never lose a life.

Sometimes I like to give the benefit of the doubt and, putting aside previous disputes, I do not believe the words of Dr. Rath in the video are so outlandish.


Hoy he visto este video y cuanto menos me ha hecho pensar mucho. No conocia ni había oido hablar antes del Dr. Rath, y buscando más información, he visto que hay mucha controversia acerca de sus técnicas. No soy médico ni se cuanta credibilidad se puede dar, pero he visto en otras ocasiones que se hacen cazas de brujas contra muchas personas que parecen querer aportar cosas nuevas contrarias a lo convencional y establecido.

El Dr. Rath ataca, sobre todo, a la industria química y farmacéutica, y estos a su vez le atacan a él, poniendo en duda sus métodos y acciones… y me digo yo a mi misma… ¿dónde está la diferencia?. ¿Acaso la investigación y desarrollo de la medicina convencional es como crear algo de la nada con un simple chasquido de dedos?, ¿no se han hecho pruebas, cometido errores, conseguido fracasos y perdido vidas nunca tratando de mejorar métodos y medicamentos?, todos los medicamentos que son legales y de uso hoy en día, ¿son 100% efectivos para todo el mundo y no tienen contraindicaciones ni siguen causando muertes?, los médicos que practican la medicina convencional y recetan medicamentos convencionales, aprobados y legales, ¿no se equivocan nunca y nunca pierden una vida?.

En algunos casos me gusta otorgar el beneficio de la duda y, dejando a un lado las controversias previas, no creo que las palabras del Dr. Rath en el video sean tan descabelladas.



[esp – eng] Nueva sección: To Think

[esp] Me he decidido a crear esta nueva sección en el blog en la que pretendo compartir información que considero interesante y tal vez util. No quiere decir que yo crea en todo lo que exponga aqui, ni que piense que vosotros debais creer en ello, pero sí que es bueno conocerlo, pensar sobre ello, tal vez investigar más sobre los temas y que cada uno saque sus propias conclusiones y tome sus decisiones.

Me gustaría que estos posts puedan servir tambien de debate, para conocer vuestras opiniones y, ¿por que no?, para que tú también aportes cosas que nos puedan ayudar, enriquecer a todos.

[eng] I’ve decided to create this new section on the blog in which I intend to share information I think is interesting and perhaps useful. Not that I believe everything I expose here, or that I think you Owe believe it, but it is good to know, think about it, perhaps more research on the issues and that each draw their own conclusions and make decisions.

I wish these posts can also serve to debate, to hear your opinions and why not?, That you also provide them with something that can help us, enrich us all.


[Utopic’s recipe] Spaghettis with mushrooms, fresh broad beans & sausage

To open the section I want share the dish I’d cook today. I don’t write exact amount of each ingredients ’cause I’d cook it for 7 people, and sure it will be too much, but it’s not dificult to calculate yourself how much of each you may use.

Para inaugurar la seccion quiero compartir mi invento de hoy, espaguetis con setas, habitas tiernas y salchichas. No pongo cantidades exactas de ingredientes ya que cociné para 7 y posiblemente será demasiado, pero no es muy dificil calcular la cantidad que se necesite dependiendo de las personas.


  • Spaghettis,
  • Salt (sal),
  • olive oil (aceite de oliva)
  • oregano
  • Pepper (pimienta)
  • ground red pepper (pimiento rojo molido)
  • nutmeg (nuez moscada)
  • tomatoes (tomates) -you can also use natural tomato souce                                                         –
  • fresh broad beans (habitas tiernas)
  • canned mixed mushrooms (mix de setas en conserva)
  • onion (cebolla)
  • 1/2 cup of white wine (1/2 vaso de vino blanco)
  • small container of cooking cream (envase pequeño de nata para cocinar)
  • ok… think we have enough, or? -grins-

I chose to prepare each ingredient separately so that everyone was at the point of cooking.

– So, first fry the onion (small chopped and salt), in med-low intensity until it begins to turn about brown. Take it out the frying pan.

– In same oil, fry the fresh broad beans (also med-low intensity) with a few salt until it begins to change its color. Take them out the frying pan.

– in the same oil fry the mushrooms, salt, pepper, ground red pepper and nutmeg. Med. intensity for about 5 minuts.

– again separately but in same oil, fry the sausage small cutted. (or cut it after fry)

– Then I took a new bigger frying pan and a few new oil, fry the tomatoes that I previously chop in a blender (you can also change it by tomato souce), with a small sugar spoon and salt. About 3 minuts med. intensity. Then add the white wine, fry about 3 more minuts, and then the cooking cream. Taste and rectify salt, pepper and a few nutmeg (be careful with nutmeg, you may use it grated and small amount, else can be toxic). Add the rest of ingredients previously prepared, and keep all together med-high intensity for about 2-3 more minuts.

– Now boil the paste in water, a few oil, salt and oregano. You have to add the paste to water once it begun to boil and make it “al dente”. I had about 7 minuts, and then added the paste (not the water) ^^ to the frying pan with the rest of ingredients and had it still cooking all together 2-3 more minuts until it’s not too liquid.

ehm… I hope I did not the big mesh explaining -grins- but that’s all.

buen provecho!

Note: if someone needs spanish instructions, please say and I’ll write it too.

hugs and love




[eng] The things I like.

Do you know what?. This last week I noticed a huge change in my mood, especially this morning that I woke up unusually happy and at peace with myself. I grant the credit because just started to feel the change after a visit to a … say “shaman”, and I do not analyze it … just enjoy these feelings that have been absent for years.


I do not award credit to myself because I just started to feel the change after a visit to a … lets say “shaman”, and I do not want to analyze it, just enjoy these feelings that have been absent for years.


The fact is that this inner peace allows me to finally enjoy doing things… reconnect with things I love. Specially, I feel energized enough to do them.


I took some decisions: I want return to take some photos and make fashion posts… not much for now, but to begin I think I’m going to commit myself to do almost one in a weekly basis. I have also decided to re-organize art exhibitions in the museum of virtual CAT, first one is already in process, will open in May and I’ll be giving more data. Finally, today I also had time to devote to another of my rediscovered passions which is cooking. I love doing it and experimenting … I don’t know how, but it is another thing that I get inside when I allow myself to feel… a facility for mixing ingredients and create dishes perhaps not too conventional, but certainly original. I have also decided to share here some of them.


I hope that you dare to try them from time to time and tell me that you think.

Hugs and love

[spa] Las cosas que me gustan.

¿Sabéis que? La última semana he notado un cambio enorme en mi estado de ánimo, especialmente esta mañana que me he levantado inusualmente feliz y en paz conmigo misma. No me otorgo el mérito porque justo empecé a sentir el cambio después de una visita a una… digamos “chaman”, y no quiero analizarlo… tan solo disfrutar estos sentimientos que han estado ausentes durante años.


El caso es que esta paz interior me permite poder disfrutar por fin haciendo cosas… reencontrarme con cosas que amo. Y sobre todo, me siento con energía suficiente para hacerlas.


He tomado algunas decisiones, quiero volver a hacer algunas fotos y posts de moda… no mucho de momento, pero para empezar creo que me voy a comprometer conmigo misma a hacer uno semanal. También he decidido volver a organizar exposiciones de arte en el museo de CAT virtual, ya está en proceso la primera, que se inaugurará el mes de mayo e iré dando más datos; por último… hoy he tenido tiempo libre para dedicar a otra de mis reencontradas pasiones, que es cocinar. Me encanta hacerlo como experimentando… y no sé, es otra de las cosas que me salen de dentro sin saber cómo cuando me lo permito… una facilidad para mezclar ingredientes y crear platos no demasiado convencionales tal vez, pero sin duda originales.  He decidido también compartir aquí algunos de ellos.


Espero que os atreváis a probarlos de vez en cuando y que me digáis que os parecen.


Abrazos y cariños